Lékan Tella Launches A Brand New And Timely Piece; His Debut Single, ‘Emptiness’

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, Lékan Tella, is a musician who embodies R&B, Retro-Funk, and 80’s Pop elements into his music. And the latest release of his debut single, ‘Emptiness’ does just that. 

‘Emptiness’ has a magical touch as it incorporates different degrees of emotions, boldness, authenticity, and vulnerability into one single track. Listeners of all ages will be blown away by his multidimensional talent and the outpour of creativity this man carries inside of him.

The lyrics of the song engage in a poetic memoir as it illustrates the meeting of two lovers and the vulnerability couples experience while being in a relationship. Unity is their new chapter of life and Lékan Tella does a beautiful job in the way he expresses this. 

Listening to this song reminds us of our first love and all the emotions we’ve all gone through when you feel loved by someone special. With all the soft and soulful vibes in the song, Lékan Tella captures the heartwarming feelings effortlessly. 

He has gifted listeners with his remarkable talent by giving his fans a true love experience while listening to his song, ‘Emptiness.’