Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album Is Coming ‘Soon Soon’

“When’s the album dropping?” Whether you’re a rookie in the rap game or an established superstar like Kendrick Lamar, that is the question you and your team will probably hear more than any other.

TDE President Teases Kendrick Lamar’s Album

Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch answered some fan questions on Twitter recently about his top artist. Asked, of course, when Kendrick Lamar’s next album is coming out, Punch said “pretty soon.” Asked to clarify if that meant sometime in 2020, all he’d give is “soon soon.”

What Has Kendrick Been Up To?

Fans have been eagerly anticipating something new from KL since his 2017 album Damn. The Grammy Award-winning MC had a small TV acting role on “Power” since then, and he spotted in his native California during social justice protests over the summer.

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I owe everything to Black culture. The Black community has given me friendship, mentorship, kindness, love, music, creative inspirations, role models and so much more. The fight to end racial injustice is a long one, but one I’m committed to being a part of through my art and my voice. Black Lives Matter. This is a portrait I took of Kendrick Lamar today. All I did was say hello. Without asking, he stopped and posed. I gladly photographed him.

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Punch Teased Kendrick’s Return Months Ago

For what it’s worth, Punch said the same thing he’s saying now back in May. In the meantime, if you’re craving any material from the TDE fam, remember that REASON dropped his album New Beginnings this month.

“Stay patient king Kendrick will return soon.” – Punch

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#TopDawg says #KendrickLamar will be returning soon.. y’all ready??? 🔥🤯

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Kendrick Saved Bono’s Life

U2 lead singer Bono shared a playlist of “60 Songs That Saved My Life.” Kendrick was on there twice, with his “XXX” collab with the band themselves and Beyoncé collab “Freedom.”

I liked your crew when we did the opening of The GRAMMYs. They were shit hot and organised. It was a ballet, it was an opera, it was fusion between hip hop and rock ’n’ roll but it was not confusion.
The fun we had on AMERICAN SOUL was singing “You are rock and roll” to you…. because you are. And a whole lot more.
There’s a righteous anger that is hard to argue with. Oh yeah, there’s a righteous punch that could take down a much bigger man, oh yeah.
For a moment, any of us can be that fist. We don’t own it, it owns us. But I wouldn’t want to get in the way of it. 
The fact that you’re playful, self-deprecating, as well as revelatory is a note to self. I asked you at the time if you’d rap about where America was at, and your reply was to rap about where America isn’t at. Smart. 
I hope one day to get to know you better.
I hope when these years stop running away… maybe they’ll run toward us. 
Love and pizza,   

Dear Beyoncé, Kendrick, 
I mean this is going for broke. This is going for the break out.
Every prison that ever held a soul is going to feel the ground shake and the bars rattle here. Freedom is at the heart of why we make music, freedom from a toxic situation, from an oppressive nation, freedom from addiction or any self taught affliction, freedom from our own DNA. Spiritual and sexual liberation… that’s why we’re all here. 
There is nowhere this song is not going to go. That freedom’s torch here is carried by you two standard bearers… I give thanks. 
And the last line spoken by Hattie White
“I was served lemons but I made lemonade.”
Well in my 60 years, I was served many platters but rarely one like the Queen Bey’s album LEMONADE.
Your fan,