Epic DJ Axway Cranks Up The Heat With “Bad Taste”

Turin-based DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter Axway is on top of his game. Despite the young age, the artist is making his name known in the industry. His latest single that has skyrocketed the artist’s already wild-growing popularity is “Bad Taste”, a powerful and energetic song that tells a not-so-happy story through a playful lens. “Bad Taste” features Raziel Rose and was co-written with Séb Mont, and demonstrates flawless taste from beginning to end.

Having become a house name in some of Turin’s best clubs, Axway is now making huge steps forward, dropping official singles like “Only One,” “Battle,” and “Superhero.” “I am already in the final stages of a new track,” the artist mentioned in a recent interview, “which in terms of sound, will be much closer to the house genre, hoping to bring my music to a broader audience. In the long run, I hope to be able to express myself through more art forms besides music, maybe even in design, which I am really passionate about.”

Axway can be found on: InstagramSpotifySoundCloud