As the number of cases in New York rise, the state’s prison system has been among the worst to get hit by the corona virus. According to The New York Times, Rikers Island has more than 167 inmates, and 114 correctional officers have tested positive for the virus. According to one of Takashi’s Lawyers Dawn Florio, the new york rapper has asthma and was hospitalized for Bronchitis a few months ago. In a letter Judge Englmayer wrote from March 25, It explained if the government known about his health issues, he wouldn’t have been sent to spend the remaining four months of his prison sentence behind bars. Sources confirm the motion in the process began last week, to let him serve the remainder of his 24-month prison term at home. Judge Engelmeyer denied Tekashi’s request because he would need to take the issue up with the Bureau of Prisons. The court reportedly did not have the authority to intervene beyond his sentencing. However, hopes are still up for his early release.