Matt Sumen Releases New Rock N Roll And Blues Single “You Can’t Do That”

After creating six different worlds with different genres in his six new releases titled “Hold Me, Love Me,” “Let It Roll,” “Critical Rescue,” “Silly Songwriter,” “All I Want” and “The Covid-19 Fix,” El Segundo, CA-based musical genius Matt Sumen, better known as just Sumen, released his latest blues and rock n’ roll masterpiece “You Can’t Do That.” The artist who has mastered practically any genre writes and produces all of his songs alone. Being a graduate of the prestigious Boston-based Berklee music College, being a part of a rock band, and then going solo, the artist has tried himself in nearly any shape and form musicians could have tried. “You Can’t Do That” is an interesting medium combining all the artist’s experiences and knowledge. The epic guitar solos, radio-ready riffs, perfect sound design, heart-pumping vocals: everything about the track is crafted to the point of perfectness. The artist did not leave any detail out, which proves his insane talent and undoubtful professionalism.