Ashanti + Keyshia Cole Address Latest Verzuz Delay: “The Pandemic Strikes Again”

Music stars Ashanti and Keyshia Cole can’t wait to battle it out. After their highly-anticipated Verzuz battle was once again delayed for coronavirus-related reasons, the R&B stars have both spoken out.

Ashanti And Keyshia Cole Speak On Verzuz Delay

Ashanti and Cole both went to their social media with messages. They let it be known it’s all love and apologized for the event not being able to take place.

“Hey y’all!! Unfortunately the pandemic strikes again 😩 Of course we were all ready for the @verzuztv but due to the recent spike in Coronavirus cases along with everything else going on in our Country 🤦🏽‍♀️ @applemusic wanted to ensure the health and safety of staff, production @keyshiacole & myself first. Having already experienced COVID-19 I completely understand. I hope you at least got a laugh from this video🤣. I saw a lot of people posting the watch parties, the outfits & get togethers. I truly appreciate you! Thank you guys so much for all of the continued love and support. I’m always ready..with or without covid. Respectfully. Love y’all ❤️💕” – Ashanti

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“I’m so sorry the @verzuztv event didn’t happen! I want you guys to kno, I really think @applemusic didn’t want to put staff/Production in danger along with @ashanti and myself. Due to the recent spike with the Corona virus …. I kno you all had get togethers and parties planned in states that were open. I’m so sorry! I love you guys, and thank you for the continued love and support over all these years!!! I BEEN READY! And I STAY READY!!!💪🏽” – Keyshia Cole

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Verzuz Announces Crushing Setback

Last week, the Verzuz battle series suffered another setback. As anticipation mounted for singers Ashanti and Keyshia Cole to finally face-off with their hits, the organization announced a shocking delay for safety measures. The Verzuz Instagram page revealed its decision to reconsider its battle policies. Despite some of the most unforgettable face-offs happening in-person with both featured artists, the organization said it would go back to separate locations.

“This has been an emotional week. In addition, as COVID-19 numbers continue to increase, safety is a top priority for us. As much as we enjoy having everyone together in the same room, to protect the artists and everyone who works with us in putting the shows together, we’ll be going back to separate locations for a bit. We’re excited for the next few events, and look forward to getting back to the show in the coming weeks. ASHANTI VS KEYSHIA COLE: COMING SOON”

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Verzuz announces crushing setback.

Ashanti Tests Negative For COVID-19

Recently, Ashanti went to her Instagram page with huge positive news. In addition to talking about her COVID negative status, the New York native also dished on why she’ll never forget New Year’s Eve 2020.

“Feeling grateful 🙏🏽 My parents and I got our negative results back right in time to start off the New Year healthy, happy & loved. Wishing y’all all an Amazing 202WON. 🎉🎉🎉 #grateful“

“This is the first time in over a decade I actually spent New Year’s Eve/ The New Year at home. It has shown me that your life literally can change in the blink of an eye… with all of the negativity surrounding 2020 it’s also important to celebrate the positive things.. I always try to find the lesson in the “let down”.. and learn from it. All positive vibrations ✨ #202WON“

Ashanti Updates Fans On COVID-19 Battle

Around Christmas 2020, the New York native went to her Instagram page with a major news update. She revealed her mom checked out of a hospital and her dad was getting better.

“Hey yall just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. I’ve gotten so many calls, texts, emails and DM‘s checking in on me and my family and I’m super grateful for that. I’m feeling much better… Thanking God that my mom is out of the hospital and my dad is doing well. Needless to say this will be a very different Christmas.. but still filled with gratitude and love. Thanks Bink for dropping off the herbal tea’s. 😘 Merry Christmas Eve ❤️🙏🏽”