Seekay’s “Wiser” Is A Must-Have On Your 2021 Playlists

After “Hold” and “Fall,” electronica-pop producer Seekay is back with a new poetic single titled “Wiser,” featuring Chloe. The experienced artist is unveiling a new track that aligns perfectly with his previous releases, again filled with mysterious vibes created with a rare subtlety and grace. Chloe’s vocal performance is most probably her most powerful one of the 3 releases, although frankly, she shines bright in every single song she’s worked on with Seekay. Nostalgic, painful and yet incredibly beautiful, “Wiser” is the kind of song that ages well like the best of wines do. Everything Seekay creates is just so in tune with the times and magical-sounding that we can only secretly hope he will be dropping some new music very soon on the airwaves.